Essay on Nutrition And The Importance Of Physical Activity

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Third, schools need to implement a program that focuses on nutrition and the importance of physical activity. There should be a program that is set up by the state, that is required, that every school should follow. This program will ensure that the schools follow a set of guidelines that will promote healthy eating and physical activity. This program should be led by a council made up of parents, teachers, and health care providers. In addition, the program will ensure that the schools provide a healthy meal every day during breakfast and lunch. The program will set a healthy meal criterion that the schools will need to follow. Every meal should be balanced out with a protein, vegetables, fruits, and be accompanied by either low fat milk or water. The program will also ensure that the schools stop the use of vending machines that only provide children or adolescents with junk food and soft drinks. The schools will also be required that they offer high-quality nutrition and physical education classes every year for all students. By making sure that the schools have this sort of program it will provide the knowledge and skills that children could benefit from now and in the future.
Finally, the government has to take a role in fighting against childhood obesity as well. The government should require institutions and restaurants to list the macronutrients of every item on the menus, such as, the calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and fiber. By doing so when…

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