Nutrition And Health Of A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

1078 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
Nutrition and Health can be a bit overwhelming when looking at all the different components at once, but amongst all the processes, dietary recommendations, and data graphs there are a few key points that may seem obsolete, but are in fact the fundamentals of building a healthy lifestyle. The three most important concepts in this course are calorie control, understanding food composition, and the importance of the replication of studies. With these three ideas in mind one can escape the modern façade of what is considered good health, and one can gain the proper knowledge to drive their lives to the fullest potential. The first and in my opinion, most important idea that was taught in this class is the idea that calories must be controlled. Calorie control has proven to be the most significant part of the diet, because it is tremendously good at keeping weight at a healthy range. Perhaps the single biggest component nutrition can effect with regards to health is body weight. Being at an unhealthy weight damages every body system, causes the immune system to weaken, and in some cases contributes to chronic disease. The mortality rate for people at a healthy weight is significantly better than those over and underweight. The idea is simple, eat less food. A lot of people have the knowledge about the next important concept, food composition, but have no idea when to stop eating. One could go to the grocery store and pick out nothing but healthy food then overeat everything…

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