Homeostasis: Taking Care Of Your Body

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Taking care of your body is a necessity that requires a daily basis commitment. Dieting is known as the “only way” to become healthy, but simply eating wiser food choices that still satisfy your stomach is certainly an option. Read carefully Mitchell, as I am going to inform and caution you to become aware of the composition of the food that you are consuming and how it affects your body. After reading my helpful tips, you will be more acquainted with the different carbon compounds and how they affect your body, body images and dieting, and the importance of homeostasis.
First and foremost, adequate protein, carb, and fat intake are vital for the body to function properly. A sufficient amount of protein is required for typical operation in the enzymes, hormonal production, antibodies, and structure of tissues. Enzymes are responsible for acting as catalyst and help reactions occur in our body system. They are what help break down glucose, which is needed to break down carbohydrates. A major hormone that we produce is Insulin. Insulin helps to move glucose from the blood into the cells of the body so that the cells can use the glucose as energy (ATP). Antibodies or immunoglobulins are proteins that assist in the defence against
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Homeostasis is the self-regulating process that system tends to maintain stability. It is equivalent to equilibrium. I noticed that you discussed with Janine how you stopped losing weight after a little bit of your dieting. This is a result of homestasis because it is a resistance of change. Ghrelin is your hunger hormone that is produced in your stomach. This is the hormone that maintains the Homoestasis of hunger. Its levels will increase if you skip a meal and you will be so hungry that you will eat anything. Try to keep a conistment meal plan, meaning that you don’t skip breakfast. This will keep the Ghrelin low, causing you to make healthier decisions. (Info

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