Dietary Formulae Inc.: A Case Study

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NutraEnterprises LLc and Dietary Formulae Inc. have developed a new appetites suppressant and weight loss gum. The gum is to be marketed under the brand names NuTrimU and Slimtrim Hoodia. Herbal and medicinal chewing gums have been rising in popularity recently, due in part to their discretion and ease, as well as the large absorption rate into the body, about 90% of active ingredients. This is comparably higher than the average 20% absorption obtained from conventional supplements. The gum 's active ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii. This plant has long been used by the people of Southern Africa for indigestion and minor infections. In 1977, the ingredredian hoodia (also P57) was isolated, which is responsible for its appetite-suppressant effect. …show more content…
However, other medical weight loss experts remain skeptical and do not recommend hoodia to obese patients because there is no published scientific data yet to support its use. The lack of scientific evidence, though, has not stopped companies from marketing the supplement with claims of lowering blood pressure and decreasing appetite. Even TrimSpa, a company you may be aware of, sold a hoodia supplement under the name X32, using Anna Nicole Smith as their spokesperson, this even when the Food and Drug Administration them that they had not demonstrated sufficiently their claims for the product with scientific evidence. But the gum is purported to have other beneficial uses. Researchers from Wrigley and other scientists have found the chewing gum helps increase concentration, relieve stress, aid in digestion, clean teeth, and even prevent cavities by helping the flow of saliva if the gum is sugar free.NuTrimU and Slimatrimm are the first brands with significant amounts of Hoodia Gordonii in them at 500 mg per piece, at a time when low grade and fake Hoodia products are flooding the market. The gum is sugar free and spearmint flavored and is now being distributed …show more content…
However, taking weight loss pills do not show result without doing regular exercises. People taking these kinds of pills should remember that losing weight should take a little effort. In today 's numerous advertising information that you can see on the web and internet drug stores, its necessary to know about how weight loss dietary supplements work and apply them favor with your goal or purpose to lose weight in a maintain your health. There are two basic types of weight loss pills that can be bought in the market, herbal weight loss pills and prescribed diet pills. Let me discuss these two pills in details providing their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you decide which weight loss pill is best for you. Herbal Weight Loss Pills This will give you some extra psychological motivation as well as curbing the edge off your food cravings and your appetite. Thus, herbal weight loss pills are used for ages and have been proven effective by some researchers and scientists. Also, they are being used by thousands of people thinking that this won 't give them side effects. However, herbal weight loss pills also vary from the different ingredients added to them. The first thing you should do before taking these type of pills is to read the label very carefully and know how this pill tolerate or interact with other medication you may be

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