Analysis Of A Difficult Child

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¹I believe throughout Kevin’s development from infancy to adolescence it would seem Kevin has the characteristic of stability. Since infancy Kevin displayed the consistency of a temperament of a difficult child, he has a tendency showing aggressive when things did not go his way, he does not particularly show interest in anything, except in archery, which in his case seem to also encourage the violence behaviors. Kevin generally showed detachment with his family, he did not have a positive nor warm relationship with his mother, he did not bond nor has a positive attachment to his mother. Although, at the end of the movie, it would seem Kevin may have an unhealthy obsession of his mother.

When I re-watched the movie, I thought in some
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Although I did think Nurture may also play a role in shaping Kevin’s development, from the inconsistency of parenting style from Kevin’s father and mother, and the negative psychological experiences he received from Eva’s resentment of having a child, which she did not plan on having. It would seem nothing in his life had help to improve Kevin’s natural tendency, rather, these nurture influence, including physical violences of harsh punishments and isolation where Kevin did not seem to socialized at all with children of his age, may have worsen his condition, and eventually influenced him on acting the horrific …show more content…
Our textbook talked about difficult infants more often had highly anxious mothers, which is true according to the movie. Quite often, Eva did not know how to care, tended her distressed baby, and later on when Kevin was at the potty training age, it would seem Kevin had manipulative when he to use a bathroom instead of wearing a diaper, in a way I thought it may have implied Kevin learned to not depend on his parents at a very young age. Kevin and Eva has a disharmonious relationship which can be reflected on maternal insensitivity and Kevin’s attachment insecurity. In term of “goodness of fit’, which explain the infant characteristics on showing strong relationships with the caretaker and the infant, also the attachment quality. While it is possible to established secure attachment as long as the caregivers sensitively adjust their behavior to fit the baby’s needs. However, I did not see that in Kevin and Eva’s relationship. Eva’s capacity to care for a difficult-to-care infant was greatly strained, and it would appear from the movie, Evan has given up on managing Kevin’s temperament early on in Kevin’s life. I believe Evan was at a high risk for attachment problem, largely due to Eva’s denial early on and never entirely accepting of having a child, along with her attitude of resenting the child on changed the course of her lifestyle, goals,

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