Nursing Shortage Impact On Healthcare System Essay

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How Do Nurses Have An Impact On The Healthcare System And Their Patients?
Despite the fact that the occupation of a doctor readily comes to mind when someone mentions the medical field, nurses play a very vital role when it comes to the healthcare system.
Nursing Shortage Impact on Healthcare System:
Let me start off by saying, lately there has been a worldwide shortage of nurses and it’s really affecting the healthcare system. Reasons for a nurse shortage embody: a minimum range of openings in nursing faculties, a rise in the amount of nurses retiring, and many nurses leaving the healthcare field. By the year 2020 there will be a shortage of 20% in the nursing field and it is bad for the healthcare system. The American Association of Faculties of Nursing and other medical professionals have become concerned regarding the impact the nursing shortage can have on society.
There will be a lot of impact on the people as a society. For instance the general public will have limited access to health care services, waiting times can significantly increase, increased risk for medical mistakes, higher risk of spreading infections and disease to patients and staff, increased risk of injury on the job, increased patient deaths, increase in nursing turnover due to stress and nurse burnout, and an increased want for therapy for nurses as a result of the increased stress. Also, Nurses are well aware that today’s health care system is in trouble and in need of change. The experiences of…

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