Essay on Nursing Shortage and Nursing Turnover

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Nursing Shortage and Nursing Turn Over
Nursing shortage and turnover is an enormous issue affecting nurses in the delivery of patients’ care. Nursing shortages have been shown to cause unfavorable effects which include decreased job satisfaction, decreased access to care, and can lead to increased turn over. This paper is about nursing shortages and nursing turn overs, and how the author would expect nursing leaders and managers to approach this issue. The writer’s rational would be supported by using theories, principles, skills and roles of the leader versus manager.
The first aspect of the nursing shortage is the aging of registered nurses and it is affected by the higher average age of individuals getting into nursing and the aging
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It is also very important for individuals that are interested in nursing to shadow nurses which would enable them to know more about the profession and to choose nursing as a career.
Secondly, nursing vacancy rate from nursing turnover is one of the larger problems leading to nursing shortage. The turnover rate is slowly decreasing from 15.5% in 2003 to 13.9% in 2005. Conversely the turnover rate for first year nurses is still high with one survey reported 27.1% in 2007(Huber 2010). There are numerous aspects that have shown the rise for nursing turnover and such reasons are the increase in the work load for nurses, less autonomy, less effective managers and leaders, reduced compensation for nurses and inflexible scheduling. Such factors may affect job stress and in turn can lead to job dissatisfaction. It is apparent that, the more unhappy staff members are, the more likely they are to leave the institution. The estimated cost to replace one registered nurse including temporary replacement, recruitment, orientation and advertisement cost is approximately $37,000 (Huber, 2010, p. 576). Nurse managers and leaders need to value their employees, use appropriate problem solving skills, good decision making, communication and motivational skills that can be implemented in reducing

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