Nursing Programs Offer Excellent Training Essay

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Nursing programs offer excellent trainings to become a nurse. Those trainings are well recognized by hospital and health care facilities in the same area. Staff will tell you what they know about the degree of education you received, for sure, depending on the college or university you have graduated from. But, what excellent program means to them? Having a vast amount of knowledge on physiological responses and doing a thoroughly head to toe assessment do not create a person able to deal with a multidisciplinary team and real patients with different personalities and delicate health problems. Hopefully, the nursing acquired knowledge stays for prolonged time; especially, when the transition from novice to beginner is completed. The gap between nursing education and practice at the setting is notorious and unexpected for new graduated nurses.
Rahnavar, Nodeh, & Hosseini (2013) emphasizes, “Although nursing students obtain much theoretical information, they do not utilize it all in practical settings.” Rahnavar, et al. also says that the system of nursing education includes a lot of examination and memorization, which information is rapidly forgotten after the exam (p. 2). Clinical rotations are the parallel method of having direct access to patients. However, there are more limitations than opportunities. Instructors are very concerned of losing their nursing license if a student messed it up, and the ratio of instructor-students as well is a drawback to perform a new…

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