Qualities Of A Nurse Mentor Essay

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A mentor is a more experienced, usually older in age, to share his or her knowledge, experiences and give advice about the study or work of a mentee. A good mentor is wise and willing to teach and guild the mentee in order to help them succeed. The position of mentor and mentee may always get changes when facing different people, they can be close in age. The mentor may also be a mentee of another professional.

According to Albert Humphrey's mentor SWOT analysis, we can examine the mentorship by using the idea of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. (Walsh, D, 2010)

First of all, I would like to talk about my strengths in clinical ward. I am willing to teach, supportive and good in time management. If a student nurse ask me something or seek for advice among nursing procedures, I always feel welcome. I remember the first day of my practicum, I feel so nervous when I facing patients and I feel confuse because of knowledge deficient. Every equipment, medication and treatment are new to me. At that time, I always wish to have a good mentor that can teach me nursing skills and take care about my perception during the placement in order to reduce my perplexity. Therefore I understand how important of a nurse mentor to a student and negative experiences may influence the learning motion and the
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She is a fresh graduated Registered nurse. She is willing to teach, treating students kindly and love the job. She was my partner as well as the mentor to me in a women medical ward. I learnt about the routine nursing procedures from her. She helps to clarify my misunderstanding among the equipment, treatments and hospital policy. Nevertheless, my first time of practicing the simple wound dressing and inserting urinary catheter were under her supervision. She provide me a lots of nursing advice and share her invulnerable learning experience. These experience influence me to be a good mentor same as

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