Nursing Philosophy Statement On Health Care Essay

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Nursing Philosophy Statement As a nursing student, I must reflect on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes I have experienced. Throughout this journey, it is important to distinguish an ethical stance on health care, perception of care, goals and strategies in the profession, and techniques for motivation during times of challenge and normalcy.
Ethical Beliefs Nurses encounter moral and ethical dilemmas in their field of work on a daily basis. It is their duty to take “into account the needs and values of all persons in all professional relationships” (American Nurses Association, 2001, p. 7). In a clinical setting, I must respect every individual regardless of the difference in views, opinions, race, moral, and ethics, and perform holistic care. Regarding care, I may find myself in situations that contradict my beliefs such as abortion. While my opposition on abortion is strong and firm, I must withstand these types of incongruity, and continue to provide the best care possible.
Perception of Care According to Creasia and Friberg (2011), “Nursing is an art and science” (p. 71). A nurse must have the passion to help and serve others. Thus, I must acquire the skills to provide empathy, establish rapport and trust, and be able to build a therapeutic relationship with my client. I must also be competent in all areas of health care such as expectations for cultural competency. For example, I must understand and respect the decision of Jehovah’s Witnesses to refuse blood…

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