Nursing Nurse Education: A Case Study

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Does it seem counter intuitive to list challenges or problems as issues when it comes to helping students? Shouldn't helping students be a top priority for instructors? What are your thoughts?
Novice and experienced nurse educators’ goal must be to prepare nursing students to be competent health care practitioners in practice. Therefore, identifying the problems and challenges help nurse educators to look at relevant evidence-based practice and the National League for Nursing Nurse Educator Competencies such as a change agent and leader in academic or clinical settings (Billings & Halstead, 2012). Nurse educators’ presence with students and showing they care with the right level of involvement is important (Poorman, Mastorovich, & Webb,
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As nurse educators the responsibility to set boundaries early is imperative for effective faculty-student relationship (Poorman, et al., n.d.). Poorman et al. said “Yet many teachers find that it is difficult to set boundaries” (n.d., p. 371). When I no longer see my role as helping rather hindering such as passing a nursing student to the next level. Poorman et al. indicated one student revealed her professor gave her extra points on her final exam to graduate and she said “Don’t pass students if they don’t deserve to pass” (n.d., p. 372). Moreover, nurse educators hold onto students and later regret judgement (Poorman, et al., n.d.). Further, Poorman et al. described one nurse educator who did not wanted to fail a senior nursing student and stated “I remember losing sleep over it. It was absolutely horrible because I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to do this to a senior” (n.d., pp. 372-373). These personal stories from nurse educators do illustrated professional boundaries between faculty-student relationships were crossed. Therefore, being in or with the presence of nursing students and right level of involvement are essential to the success of my practice, nursing students’ success in nursing program, and nursing

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