Nursing Intervention : Family Meal And Healthy Eating

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Families can help improve the health of each other as well themselves individually through positive reinforcement and support. In this discussion, I am going to explain the nursing intervention strategy known as family meal and healthy eating; describing the key points associated with this intervention. Then I will identify and a family I know who might benefit from the selected strategy. Next describing why the family needs to develop this health promotion practice will be addressed. Finally, I will explain how it go about incorporating this intervention to help them with health promotion activities. Comprehending the idea of family nursing interventions from the view of working nurses is crucial for applying a family-centered care. (Eustace, Gray, & Curry, 2015) Family meal and healthy eating is family nursing intervention to promote family health by introducing healthy foods into a family diet and encouraging specific meal times for the family to eat together. It is reported full-time working mothers or fathers have less time to prepare meals, less frequent family meals and more fast food consumption (Kaakinen, Coehlo,Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2015). This creates a problem because food such as vegetables, fruits, and low salt content are almost nonexistent in this lifestyle and this can lead to problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure. Family meals also reduce the probability of high risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking, drugs and sex among

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