Nursing Concepts For The Nursing Profession Essay

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Nursing concepts summary for the nursing profession
Nursing involves numerous ideas and concepts to the profession. Nurses should recognize the importance of being well versed and rounded in the different concepts such as reflection, ethics, critical thinking, nursing organizations, learning and education. These concepts will allow nurses to provide the best possible care.
Nursing can be a stressful and strenuous job. Nurses at times may feel underappreciated because of the amount of patients they receive with little or no commendation. Reflection allows nurses to receive internal assurance and motivation. Reflection is a great way for nurses to improve care and have an appreciation for their profession. There are three phases in critical reflection including description, reflection and criticism (O’Regan & Fawcett, 2006). In other words, reflection allows nurses to look at a specific situation, reflect on the events and then evaluate the events for negative areas that can be worked on and making the necessary changes. Nurses can also use reflection to recognize positive actions, what they have done correctly and how to continue doing well. Additionally, nurses are very busy and are involved with many patients, they must learn to recognize what events are important to reflect on.
After this semester I have come to understand the importance of reflection for my personal wellbeing and to improve my skills in the health care setting. At times, I forget to reflect and I see…

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