Nursing Concept Analysis Essay

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Adherence: A Concept Analysis
Tiffany Bruno

Adherence: A Concept Analysis The concept of adherence to medication regimens has been an ongoing area of study across medicine, psychology, nursing and pharmacology. First, I think it is important to clarify the difference between compliance and adherence. The term “adherence” implies a more collaborative active role between the patients and their providers whereas compliance implies a passive role to health-care on the part of the patient (Carpenter 2005). The word adhere originated in the 15th century from the Latin “’ad-“ (to) + “haerere” (to stick)” (The American Heritage College Dictionary, 1993, p. 16). Adhere is defined as “to stick fast; remain attached” and/or “to be a
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Review of Literature
Schaffer & Yoon (2001) describe medication adherence as a collaborative, interactive patient-provider relationship. Medication adherence is the degree of consistency between the prescribed regimen and the patient's actual dosing history (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). Medication adherence is important as it provides not only a better clinical outcome for the patient, but has been shown to reduce healthcare costs associated with unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). Several characteristics of medication adherence were identified in the article (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). First, patients with a clear understanding of the purpose of the drug and how to properly take the drug were more likely to adhere (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). Second, medication adherence increased when the patients believed in the medication’s efficacy and had confidence in his/her ability to adhere to the regimen as prescribed (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). Financial constraints, such as lack of insurance or low income, also negatively affect adherence (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). Patients that experience adverse effects; are in the early stage of treatment; and busy, middle-aged adults are less likely to adhere to a treatment regimen (Schaffer & Yoon, 2001). It is necessary that the clinician allows the patient to openly discuss concerns or raise questions regarding the medication or condition,

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