Nurses Can Influence Public Policy Through An Advocacy Role Essay

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Nurses can influence public policy through an advocacy role. Advocacy includes the process of influencing someone to at least consider one’s point of view. Nurses observe the positives and negatives of the current health care system, which enable them to identify needs and concerns related to the care patients currently receive. The first step in the legislative process is the identification of an issue or a problem. The issue can be simple as a desire to give public recognition to a person or event or else an issue of a more complex nature. Providing information to a policymaker can be a source of significant influence and reward. As a member of the nursing profession, the nurse has the obligation to provide an accurate and up-to-date information. That means, the nurse should prepare the issues factually based on a credible research and the facts should be double checked and presented in a concise manner with an easily understandable language. This approach must be cordial and given in a spirit of cooperation with the hope of achieving the desired outcome or an acceptable compromise (Maryland & Gonzales, 2012). Good communication is the core of effective advocacy. This includes, attention to the message, the audience and means of delivery. The message should be clear, it should explain what is being proposed, why it is needed and what difference it is going to make. The message also should be convincing, it should be formatted to the interests of the audience. The means of…

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