Nuremberg Laws During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history. The Holocaust consisted of the torture and mass murder against the Jewish population. The Jews were transported to the railroad from the ghetto communities to then be deported to Nazi concentration camps. Jews were deported to the concentration camps to work as slave labor, to be tortured, and humiliated in a variety of ways. Over six million Jews died during the Holocaust and a great number of that six million died before arriving to the camps. Transportation of Jews being sent to ghettos and the deportation of Jews to the killing center played a huge role during the Holocaust. Jews during the Holocaust were innocent victims to suffering that no human should ever have experience. …show more content…
These were created by the Nazi party to put limitations on Jewish liberty as well as many other purposes. The laws stated that German Jews were to lose their citizenship in their country and were restricted to marry or have sexual relationships with other Germans. The Nuremberg laws made German Jews victims to the Nazi movement. Overtime the Nazi party continued to gain power, and eventually German Jews were stripped of far more rights than just marriage and sexual relations. These laws then lead to the Wannsee Conference along with other major events in history.
The transportation and deportation of Jews played a major role in the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was the dictator at the time and lead the operation of the Holocaust. He ordered the Nazi’s SS officers and other Nazi officials to travel to Jewish communities throughout European countries that were occupied by Germany. The Nazi’s were to go out and gather the Jewish families and send them to ghetto communities, leaving their personal belongings
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Each one of these agencies were in support of the Holocaust movement. The order of police rounded up the Jewish population so they could be deported to concentration camp while the ministry of transportation set the train schedule. The cover up story that was used by the Nazi’s was that they were running a system for a resettlement of the Jewish population not including the fact they were relocating the people to killing centers. By 1942, there were already five killing centers established which were German-occupied but located in Poland. The killing centers were Belzec, Chelmno,Treblinka, Sobibor, and Auschwitz which is also known as Auschwitz II. (Holocaust

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