Life During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history. The Holocaust consisted of the torture and mass murder against the Jewish population. The Jews were transported to the railroad from the ghetto communities to then be deported to Nazi concentration camps. Jews were deported to the concentration camps to work as slave labor, to be tortured, and humiliated in a variety of ways. Over six million Jews died during the Holocaust and a great number of that six million died before arriving to the camps. Transportation of Jews being sent to ghettos and the deportation of Jews to the killing center played a huge role during the Holocaust. Jews during the Holocaust were innocent victims to suffering that no human should ever have experience.
In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were established during the annual party rally in Nuremberg, Germany. These were created by the Nazi party to put
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Jews were forced out of their ghetto homes to line up in the street. They were then to march one block up the street. If a person did not do as they were told, they were shot on the spot and left as an example. The death of those that were shot was also used to lure out many that remained hiding in the ghettos. Over 300,000 Jews were then forced and held at gunpoint to board the cattle carts that were headed to Treblinka II extermination camp (Holocaust Encyclopedia).
The life for the Jews in the boxcars was just as much a struggle as the life in the ghettos, if not worst. The life in the box cars was strictly one of survival. They were to ride on box cars without any food and one bucket of water to be shared amongst all the passengers. Often, as many as 150 people were stuffed into one cattle cart to be deported to the Nazi concentration camps and killing centers. The Nazi SS officers gave false promises to the people and told them the concentration camps were going to be working camps with better living

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