Essay about Nuclear Power And Its Effects On People And The Environment

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Nuclear power can have very damaging effects to people and to the environment. However, in order to keep funding this alternate source of energy, what needs to be changed? Nuclear energy has a very high potential to generate massive amounts of power that can be provided to communities. It generates so much energy, that sometimes these community power plants can have dangerous meltdowns. These meltdowns, can cause catastrophic malfunctions damage to people and the environment. Aside from the meltdowns, the disposal of the nuclear waste, the byproduct from the power plants, is very harmful to everything around it. The operation and management of nuclear energy must be improved, and in a way that is safer to the environment. Nuclear power is defined as “any method of doing work that makes use of nuclear fission or nuclear fusion reactions. In its broadest sense, the term refers to both the uncontrolled release of nuclear energy, as in fission or fusion weapons, and to the uncontrolled release of energy, as in nuclear power plants” (Newton and Gilman). When nuclear power was first envisioned, the people who had this dream wanted to produce great amounts of energy within a short amount of time. As the experimentation with this theoretical idea progressed, the potential for nuclear power arose. In 1945, the world actually witnessed what it could do. The United States dropped the first atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The two explosions from the warheads had devastating…

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