Chernobyl Essay

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The city of Chernobyl is located in northern Kiev Oblast, in modern day Ukraine, where it was previously under the Soviet Union control. In the city is a nuclear power plant built and designed by the Soviets. It was an RBMK-1000 model nuclear reactor, which used “enriched U-235 uranium fuel to heat water creating steam that drives the reactors’ turbines and generate electricity” ( The plant had 4 reactors with graphite moderators, which slows down the release of neutron during fission. Essentially, used to maintain the chain reaction. The reactors were powered by enriched uranium oxide pellets enclosed in a fuel rod. As for the coolant, general there is two water loops that circulate to remove …show more content…
As well as modifications to the RBMK that were still operating, improvements in automatic shut-down and inspection equipment. These modifications are made to prevent another disaster like Chernobyl from happening in the future. In addition, in 1986 the Soviets begun constructing a sarcophagus to cover the reactor as a temporary fix and presently has new plans to construct a new safe shelter to last 100 years. Due to contamination, the area of Chernobyl as well as neighboring cities like Pripyat are within the Chernobyl exclusion zone restricting human traffic. On an important note, it also serves as an argument against nuclear power as displayed in the events in Chernobyl. Additionally, a more recent nuclear disaster only took place in Fukushima, Japan. This was also caused by human carelessness in safety protocol but also caused by an environmental issue that caused the meltdown and which also resulted in a leak of radioactive material. Enough for the media to compare the Japanese nuclear plant be the 2nd worst nuclear disaster. For this reason, there still need to be better protocol to handle meltdowns, which include stricter policies as well as inspections to prevent a disaster such as Chernobyl or any catastrophic …show more content…
The planned activities during the week include on the first day of the flight, the crew checked the readiness of a satellite and deploy it to perform a series of test. On the second day, the crew would begin to monitor the Comet Halley. The third day begin preparation to meet the Spartan and officially deploy the satellite. The 4th day the crew performed experiments on aboard. On the 5th they retrieved Spartan, 6th began preparations for re-entry. Finally, on the 7th day the crew would enter the atmosphere and land at the Kennedy Space Center.( The mission was expected to last 144 hours and 34 minutes after launch, however, this was cut short as the shuttle exploded seconds after

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