Nuclear Holocaust In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

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It can be hard to tell who is right and wrong during the aftermath of a supposed nuclear holocaust. The Chrysalids, which is a book written by John Wyndham in 1955, tells a story that is unique, because throughout, it can be unclear who the reader should be rooting for. Waknuk and Sealand seem to be the most civilized communities thriving after the Tribulations, but their views differ in many ways. Both communities could potentially be the cause of a second nuclear holocaust, but it is more likely that Waknuk would be the cause. Waknuk follows the Bible blindly, and they often misinterpret The Bible’s meanings, Waknuk forces anyone who they deem “un-pure” out of their society, and Sealand’s morals seem to be a lot less misguided.
The people
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If the tribulations were brought from God to punish humans like Waknuk believes; God would certainly punish them for their monstrous decisions. They banish and kill people for having the slightest difference from a normal human being. How would they think that’s considered good in God’s eyes? They fear God because he may punish them by bringing another Tribulation, but they don’t realize that the segregation of anyone who doesn’t have “five fingers on each hand” or “two legs,” is against the Bible point completely. They have misinterpreted The Bible so that they can get away with being arrogant and blatantly racist. Even if God isn’t the one who created the first tribulations; Waknuk has the motive to cause a nuclear holocaust. They hate the deviations’ guts. If they thought it would please God to eradicate them all, they would do it with out question, and devote all of their time to designing weapons to wipe them out. They already have guns; it isn’t such a leap that they would eventually be able to develop bombs of mass destruction. If we look into our own history, we know that most wars start because of racial tension, or religion. World War II in particular, was solely fuelled by racially bigoted views. Hitler believed and decided that the Jews were inferior, and segregated them just like Waknuk is with the deviations. So if we know anything from our own history, it’s that racially motivated campaigns will definitely start wars. As we saw in the book; that is exactly what happens. Waknuk’s army rush out to attack the Fringes’ people on their own turf. This establishes the hatred between the two. Waknuk will risk it all for their beliefs. If they had the time to rebuild, and when they come upon advanced technology like bombs. They would definitely make the same mistakes that the Old People did before the Tribulations. Why wouldn’t they? They have been trying to

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