Essay on The Holocaust : Great Disasters, Reforms, And Ramifications

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The Holocaust is one of the most powerful words in history. It represents a time where millions of innocent, ordinary people, family members, children, and more were killed simply for the fact that they were Jewish. In the book, “The Holocaust: Great Disasters, Reforms, and Ramifications”, the rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich is described in great detail. The author was Judy L. Hasday, beside from a short introductory essay by Jill McCaffrey, who was born in Pennsylvania, and throughout her career has written about devastating periods in history like the Holocaust, Columbine, and Apollo 13. Her goal in writing these books is to educate the American people, and knowledge is power. The book chronicled Hitler’s life from him being a little boy, all the way up to his suicide. It talked about Hitler’s radical opinions and his vision for Germany. Hitler wanted to create a master race or all Aryans, which he himself was not. In Hitler’s eyes, the only way this could have been achieved was to start killing and getting rid of all Jews and non-Aryans. But,before Hitler could get his plan into action, he had to achieve a position of power in the government. Hitler and his party, the Nazis, began gaining followers every time he went to speak. Hitler became chancellor because people loved his leadership style, and his views for Germany. His ideas weren’t brand new to the German people as well; the book went into detail as to why there is hatred for the Jewish people in the…

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