Essay on Nuclear Energy Is A Clean Source Of Energy

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Power of Nuclear Energy What if the world was powered by nuclear power cleaner than coal and cheaper than most power? This question was never really been asked because people are to scared. When they hear nuclear energy they think of all the bad thing nuclear energy has instead of the good thing about it. Like how nuclear energy has no greenhouse gases or smog. This are good points on how nuclear energy is good, but people only remember the bad thing. Since nuclear energy is clean, inexpensive, and does not produce greenhouse gases, the United States should have more nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy is a clean source of energy that is why the United States should use more nuclear energy The first reason why nuclear energy is clean is there no air pollution. For example, the smoke one see from the smoke stacks is just steam nothing else. Nuclear energy may have no air pollution, but here are some examples. "Nuclear energy supports a clean environment. By emitting no controlled air pollutants including sulfur dioxide (associated with acid rain), nitrogen oxide (associated with smog), particulates (associated with asthma), nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions (associated with climate change) while operating" ("Clean Air-Zero Emissions").This show that unlike most source of energy nuclear energy is one of the cleanest of them. Another reason why nuclear energy is clean is it uses water. For example it may use uranium to heat up the water, but the water is…

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