Nr501, Importance of Nursing Theory Paper

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Importance of Nursing Theory
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Theoretical Basis Adv Nursing

July 20, 2015 Importance of Nursing Theory
Theory is an arrangement of thoughts meant to describe something. These thoughts and ideas usually have basic principles that validate the purpose of the proposed theory. Nursing theory is a well thought out scholarly structure of concepts. These concepts are created to help guide nursing practice. They explain the fundamentals of nursing care. Multiple clinical decisions are based upon nursing theories. There are many different types of nursing theories developed primarily by nurses. Nursing theorist’s main goal is to examine nursing practice and explain the working or non-working parts
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She stated it is the quality of a person’s health that should be measured against life itself. Satisfaction in life can be measured by ones ability to effectively reach his or her highest potential by maintaining mental and physical stamina (Waller-Wise, 2013). Environment: Henderson described environment as a collection of outside influences that affect life and development of human beings (Waller-Wise, 2013). Nursing: Henderson stated the distinct purpose of a nurse is to provide assistance to a person, sick or well with the sole purpose of aiding recovery or a comfortable death in hopes that she or he can gain strength and knowledge to become independent (Waller-Wise, 2013)
Section three Definition of Henderson’s Nursing is still used today. Nurses work daily to assist patients improve their quality of life. Assisting patients with improving their quality of life particularly those who are unable to help themselves do to a incapacitating disease. The Fourteen Fundamental Needs Theory produced by Henderson, has been extremely significant in nursing practice. In the clinical surroundings, the fundamental needs are particularly evident in the ways a nurse is able contribute to the successful desired outcomes of the patients emotional, physical, or spiritual needs (McCrae, 2012). Disabilities suffered by a stroke victim including paralysis involve the nurse to use the Henderson’s forth activity of moving and

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