Novartis Case Essay

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Transforming Human Resources at Novartis: The HRIS
Case analysis

Instructor: Linda C. Isenhour

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Venus gupta

1. Choose the top internal and top external issues from your SWOT and identify linkages, if any, to Novartis’ HR & corporate strategies. Defend your perspective with a brief rationale. Write new organizational or HR strategic goals, as required.
Outline of the situation and primary points/issues presented in the case:
1. Significant priority of the company was to implement a firm wide HRIS that would convert many of transaction-based HR core processes to an internet-based system.
2. HRIS project was an integral part of Novartis long term strategy for improving overall HR service delivery
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4. Technical challenges for system implementation such as web enabling, SAP R/3 –a core transaction processing system, SAP business warehouse (BW), an enterprise HR portal solution etc.

3. How well does Novartis’ approach to project management of its HRIS seem to fulfill its organizational and project goals based on your readings? List 1 example from the case that supports your answer.
According to my reading, Novartis approach to project management of its HRIS seems well to fulfill its organizational and project goals because of:
The planned two and a half year global HRIS project was to be rolled out in phases beginning in 2003, after the initial planning, blueprint, and prototype phases in 2004 followed by full implementation scheduled to be complete across all of Novartis by the end of 2005 led by its well experienced team who would manage the Extended Organization readiness network. The HR management team was clear about the implementation of HRIS and the challenges in the process by talking to other companies who had already implemented the HRIS and gone through this process. This can be explained better by an example of Multinational Food company which is almost similar to Novartis.
• Multinational Food company had 100,000 employees in more than 50 markets used SAP not only for its transactional HR processes, but took an integrated approach to implementing an

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