Case Study Of Husky Pharmaceuticals

Protocol Title: Patient satisfaction with Tedizolid phosphate for treatment of Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infection. (ABSSSI)
Name of Principal Investigators: Steven McDonald Vice President of study

Name of Sponsor: Husky Pharmaceutical

Collaborators: Not provided Description of Subject Population: 18 years and older (adult and senior) in both Gender, Healthy Volunteers accepted.

The following Informed Consent has two parts:
1) Information Sheet (detail of research)
2) Certificate of Consent

Part one: Information Sheet

Please read this form carefully. It gives you the vital data and objectives about the clinical study. An individual from our investigation group will communicate with you about participating in this investigational study. Individuals who agree to participate in these clinical investigational studies are referred as "subjects". This term will be utilized all through this consent form.
The Husky Pharmaceuticals facilitates this clinical trial for bring up more progress in patients’ treatment.
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This is a phase 1 clinical study. You can seek advice from a physician or a doctor before engaging in this research. We have tried our best to keep this consent form simple, plain and transparent. However, if you experience any difficulty in understanding any part, procedure or terms indicated in this form then please feel free to ask. If there are any questions related to this clinical study, you can contact us on phone or email us. You can come directly to our site and speak with the principle

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