Managing Asthma Exacetubation Essay

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5. Describe and contrast differences between the following types of studies: (10 points).

I. Randomized, prospective, blinded trial: It is the best design among experimental study to establish a practice guideline based on evidence-based medicine. Within this study design the investigator randomly allocated the study participants to either a treatment group who receive the treatment/intervention or to a control group who receive no intervention/ sham treatment, with considering matching participants in both groups to reduce mal-distribution. Before and after the intervention the baseline and outcome data is collected contemporaneously. Also the investigator designs the intervention in blinding fashion where study participants or investigators (staff/ data collectors) or both are not aware of whether they have been allocated to treatment group or control group to prevent the risk of bias.4

II. Prospective observational trial with a historical control: it is prospective treatment or intervention and retrospective control. It is an experimental study where the control group (historical) is selected from medical recorder and baseline measurement of predicator variables and follow up has happened in the past before the
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Prospective observational trial with a historical control: (Example) Title of the study: The effectiveness of NIV on patients with asthma exacerbation. Research question: Is NIV effective in managing asthma exacerbation and prevent intubation? The control group is all asthmatic patients with exacerbation required ED or ICU admission. The control group had been selected from medical record. Baseline measurement and follow up had happened in the past before the intervention has been applied. While the experimental group are the asthmatic patients with exacerbation who received the NIV. So, the intervention begins in the present and followed participants into the future. Then, the result will be compared between both groups to draw a

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