Notorious Benedict Arnold Character Analysis

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In the evaluation and reading of the book “Notorious Benedict Arnold” by Steve Sheinkin, it is clear that Benedict Arnold was an amazing hero in the Revolutionary War for the continental army. Time After time Arnold shows himself to be selfless and courageous in fighting certain battles against the much more advanced and experience British military, despite the overwhelming odds of defeat for the American armies. While reading the book, many different opportunities are developed on how Arnold has made himself out to be a hero, while there are also some of these same examples of showing him as a traitor. Overall, it is clear that despite the side picking done by Arnold, he still deserves to be commemorated for his great years of service, whether it was as a commander or a general for the continental soldiers. In the middle, he certainly …show more content…
In the Proclamation of Brigadier General Benedict, the former general states, “Having reason to believe that the principles I have avowed, in my address to the public of the 7th instant, animated the greatest part of this continent, I rejoice in the opportunity I have of inviting you to join His Majesty's Arms” (Arnold). In this proclamation, Arnold is saying that all of the colonists who are living in the Americas are hereby invited to join the army of the king of England, the same army in which he has decided to join. By saying this, he implies that he believes that this is the best course of action for the Americans to take. In this sense, he is trying to do what is best for his people, opposed to deserting them like most people believe. Overall, this primary source which was written by Arnold shows that he was not a traitor but simply a war hero who was looking to do the most right and just thing for his country and its

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