Not Under My Roof, By Amy Schalet Essay

1221 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
The social view on adolescent sexuality varies across cultures, societies, communities, and families. It is a controversial topic because some individuals perceive sexuality as an important development of a teenager’s gender and identity, while others are opposed to the sexual interaction of adolescence. In the book Not Under My Roof, Amy Schalet demonstrates that in the Netherlands, society provides information and support about sexuality to teenagers. The normalization of sexual behavior in the Netherlands has allowed teenagers to develop a greater control over their sexual desires. In contrast, America’s perspective of adolescent sexuality makes the experience unenjoyable to young adults. The affiliation of sexual behavior with reciprocal consequences discourage informative discussions. Young adults are less informed about methods of contraception and potential risk of unsafe sex. As a result, sexually active individuals are more susceptible to contract gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Society advices teenagers to abstain from sexual behavior to avoid STI’s and pregnancy, instead of informing parents, schools and other institutions how to talk about sex. “Part of the opposition to and discomfort with, adolescent sexuality is its association with high prevalence of unintended consequences, such as pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases” (Schalet, Pg. 4). Society belief that discussions about sexuality could affect teenager perspective on sexual activity. Instead,…

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