Northern Stereotypes

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The passing of the Emancipation Proclamation does not necessary mean that slavery was fully terminated. Emancipation questioned both the North and the South what the nation really stood for. Unlike the South, the North paid more attention to the idea of emancipation and were willing to help transform slaves into productive citizens and soldier. Through this process, Northern perceptions of blacks and equality were changed. Some used their change of perception as a motivation into fighting for emancipation. Even though slaves and Northerners were able to experience successes throughout this journey to emancipation, they also had to deal with setbacks.
Even though not all agreed with the idea of slaves being freedmen, many Northerners helped
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Throughout the war, blacks had been sacrificing their lives in order to prove their courage and worth. Due to this, they were able to gain the sympathy from the whites. Northern perception of blacks as being slaves and only useful for labor was changed. Northerners started to approve that the blacks are “part of the transformed nation” (214). The efforts of blacks and equality not only affected the change in Northern perceptions of blacks and equality, but also impacted whites and view on their self-image. Before the war, the “society was forgetting the nobler qualities of self-sacrifice, attention to duty” (214). Due to the concept of emancipation, the whites were able to reevaluate themselves and the nation that they lived in.
In conclusion, emancipation and the idea of equality was very hard to achieve during the Civil War. However, there were people who were willing to fight for equality and help transform slaves into productive citizens. Through this process, not only the lives of the blacks were changed, but also the lives of the whites as they were forced to reevaluate their self-image. In their journey to equality, blacks were had to deal with setbacks, but this did not stop them from fighting for freedom. Without the help from the North, their fight for their freedom would take longer than they would

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