Essay on North Korea, A Rogue State

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North Korea North Korea, a rogue state, continues to play an important role in the US’s geopolitical realm simply due to its location and proximity to China. The Korean Peninsula provides a natural barrier between Japan and the US, and China which makes North Korea key in ensuring China remains inaccessible to the US via the peninsula. However, North Korea continues its pursuit of its nuclear program and the continued hostilities towards South Korea and Japan. This coupled with their inhumane treatment of their own citizen’s keeps North Korea and the Kim Regime on a list of countries that pose a grave threat to the global arena.
A unified peninsula has been expressed by their brothers to the south however, the Regime will only agree to such a union under the control and political system of the Kim Regime. While the people of North Korea would love to reunite with their families in the south, due to hierarchical diffusion the people of North Korea would rather not reunite if it meant the fall of the Kim government. This is also neither accepted by the South Korean political party nor their greatest ally, the United States. This, as result, increases tensions along the 38th parallel and forces China to act as a buffer to keep North Korea from causing a military uproar. Should a campaign arise due to North Korean aggression on the peninsula, China would be forced to get involved as they did in the Korean War. This is due to the border North Korea shares with China. China…

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