The Pros And Cons Of Guest Worker Reform

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Every human on this planet deserves a chance to live a life that guarantees the basic needs and security. Eventually, the ideas of social, esteem, and self-actualization will proceed creating humans of worth. If the needs and security are not meet, humans appear salvage-like and crimes are likely to expanded. As for that, the United States government should only create reforms to improve the security of the border, deport any illegal alien that hasn 't applied for citizenship in the given time frame, create a system for all "guests" to be documented, and improve guest worker programs.
Seemingly, Congress and the Executive branch are endeavoring to come up with a compromise for immigration and border restrictions; however, the prolonged argument
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Teaching them to speak English would be a major component, so immigrants will have the ability to converse with fellow colleagues within the United States. The guest worker program would encourage aliens to engage with their co-workers providing them with benefits of training in cooperation and teamwork. (I have more information on these reforms; however there is too much information, but I did want to point a couple of guest worker reforms...I was just going to refer the reader to read the article if they wanted more …show more content…
Having no restriction on immigration, will lead to the endangerment of future generations if there is no precaution to solve the issue at hand. A resolution is vital due to the possibility that illegal immigration may contribute to the crime of drug trafficking and violence. By improving the security of the border, and guest worker programs, illegal immigration will eventually decrease if executed correctly. America culture and economy is contributed from all immigrants and should stand by the saying of being a "land of

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