Essay about Normative Ethics

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Moral Reasoning Guidelines

Making good moral decisions is difficult and part of the difficulty is that we do not live in a vacuum. Making moral decisions are complex and are connected to different contexts. You are being asked to do an ethical analysis as compared to a political, religious, or economic one. Your research topic or case study focuses on a moral dilemma and probably has several different proposals or solutions to your dilemma.. For our purposes, it is not so important which moral judgment or moral rule you draw, (Discovery essay) but on how well you justify, defend, and argue for your moral position (Justification essay) and that you demonstrate clear and consistent reasoning as well as critical thinking skills. In making
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These relationships can be discussed in terms of specific duties and rights or in terms of our obligations to respect the rights of people and animals. Obligations bind us. When we are morally obligated, we must do certain things or avoid doing other things. It is important for our moral decision making to understand what our obligations are. We must always ask ourselves, "What are the obligations that derive from our relationships or are affected by our conduct?"

2. According to Ruggiero, values are specific concepts that assist us in applying, for example, the principle of respect for persons in our moral judgments (101). Examples of values include the following: fairness, tolerance, compassion, loyalty, forgiveness, amity, and peace. What is the impact of our actions and obligations on our important values? Are these values moral or nonmoral? A value is a general belief or an attitude about something we desire or like, whereas an ideal is a morally important goal, virtue, or notion of excellence worth striving for. Clearly, different cultures impart different values and ideals and, equally important, different ways of pursuing them, but what is important for our decision-making is to have a grasp of what values are involved in our situation or dilemma. For example, in our culture we allegedly respect the value of tolerance or compassion. In a like manner, our institutions often express an allegiance to the value of efficiency, productivity, and so

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