Nonverbal Communication Is The Process Of Communication Essay

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Nonverbal communication is the process of communication without words. Nonverbal communication uses kinesics which is the interpretation of body motion communication such as facial expressions and gestures. We use gestures on an everyday basis to communicate nonverbally with others. After observing people around me at home, work and the public, I came across some interesting gestures I can use to better explain the meanings of each. In the following reading you will understand the difference between five different gestures including Emblems, Illustrators, Regulators, Adaptors and Affect display. On one hand, there is Emblems. Emblems are universal signs that we do with our body. These gestures stand alone. It is important to always consider culture when using emblems. Different cultures may have different meanings. For example, the other day I cooked dinner at home. My boyfriend, daughter and I sat at the table to eat. As my boyfriend was chewing his food he gave me “thumbs up”. He was aware that he used this gesture because his mouth was full from chewing the delicious food. The “Thumbs up” gesture conveyed “Good job”. Many people use this to symbols when something is good. In other cultures such as Australia “thumps up” means “Up yours” or in Japan it stands for the number five. Also, I attended a photoshoot Monday night with some friends at a studio. As we were posing for some photos one of the girls used a sign of peace made by holding up the hand with palm turned…

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