Nonexishonesty In Iago's Honor In Othello

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Iago’s honor is essentially nonexistent, as he works throughout the entire play to manipulate, lie, and cause general havoc amongst Othello, and other characters in the play. He appears to be a well rounded, well respected, and honest individual, but in the end he was the rope to many characters noose throughout the play. Setting up the seeds for Othello’s jealousy, and the wrath and the horrors that Desdemona, and other characters had to face at the end. He appeared to be a great guy to those who thought they knew him, but in reality, he’s as wicked as the snake in the garden of Eden. The first example of Iago’s trickery lies is in Act II Scene III Line 226 “Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost …show more content…
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on” This quote is a signal of warning coming from the serpent himself; Iago. This was a warning given to Othello, by his “reliable”, “trustworthy”, “honest-friend”, Iago. The same honest Iago, who set up Cassio and Desdemona to be his targets for Othello’s rage. The same honest Iago, who lied to Roderigo about getting Desdemona to be his. The same honest Iago who got Cassio fired from his position. The same honest Iago, who manipulated every man, every woman, and every person in this play. Iago was a manipulative character, who used his reputation, his perceived “honor”, and perceived “honesty” to put in the seeds of jealousy in Othello’s mind. A man who never ever even could consider his wife cheating on him, on his own. A man who isn’t one to get jealous easily. Iago was the person to put these thoughts into his mind. By using his reputation as a way to manipulate Othello’s thoughts. That lead him to murder his own wife. This quote was the starting point, that lead to the tragic events that happened in the rest of the

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