Essay on Non Verbal Communication And Body Language

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Non-verbal communication, or body language, is an important part of public speaking. Your body language includes your posture, movement, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and voice. At the very least, your body language should not distract the audience and with a little practice, it can help you convey confidence and help the audience see your message more clearly.

Here are the most common gesture, movement, posture and facial expression mistakes:

* Not using gestures at all. If you keep your hands locked at your sides, you will look nervous and your presentation will lack the visual element to accompany and enhance your words.

* Keeping your hand in your pockets. This position leads down the slippery slope to slouching and a sloppier posture. And you also may unconsciously start playing with the keys or change in your pocket (yes, I 've seen - and heard - it happen!).

* Fidgeting with your hands. Be aware of what your hands are doing, such as "washing" each other, grasping each other tightly, fiddling with your watch or jewelry, etc. One of my public speaking coaching clients rolled and unrolled his shirt sleeves while he presented (we solved that problem by having him wear short sleeves). If you must hold something, such as your notes or the PowerPoint remote, be conscious of how you are holding it. Too often the item becomes something for you to play with unconsciously, or in the cause of notes, a crutch that prevents you from looking at…

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