No Stranger With The Screen, Deborah Gives A Blissfully Magnificent Performance As Mrs. Hinden

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As usual, I had to a do a little research to discover who played some of the minor characters, and I did ascertain that while this cast has some notable and recognized professionals, there are also several outstanding newcomers. Thankfully, all the actors and actresses work together to make this another of my favorites of the holiday season. In fact, at the end of this film, I declared that this is unmistakably my kind of film.
No stranger to the screen, Deborah gives a blissfully magnificent performance as Mrs. Hinden, the one who is sympathetic to Allie 's plight. After all, her character has experienced true love, and she only wants the best for Allie and Max. Deborah is flawless in her role as her character is always at the precise place at the correct time and oversees the blossoming love between the star couple. Her character is the one who stands out on the staff as being kind and sincerely embracing the refreshing change Allie brings to the castle. While her character may often fade into the background, there is no doubt that the viewers will remember fondly her portrayal of this royal staff member.
As Allie 's younger brother and sister, Rollo and Rose are ideally suited. Although their roles are small, their impact is sensed throughout the film. Both actors are still relatively new to the acting community (at least as far as television and film credits), and I can only hope we get a chance to see them featured in the future as I am certain these two have more to…

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