No Speed Limit By Steven Shaviro Essay

1742 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
Everyone has had settle down his or her own goals in their lives. In the book No Speed Limit by Steven Shaviro addresses how the accelerationism will collapse the capitalism and how it is helpful in the society. In the past, people are living without scientific technologies; their world is really silence and peaceful. They do not have any great invention to improve their lives. Also, they are living under control of capitalist. The capitalism has separated the civilians into three different classes such as upper class, middle class and lower class. People who work for the upper class will get the benefits from the capitalism and have better lives. The capitalism is trying to steal stuff from the civilians. Today, the world has improved with advance technologies. This is how the accelerationism exists to bring the capitalism to an end. Therefore, the concept of accelerationism by Shaviro also exists in the movies Interstellar and Snowpiercer where the accelerationists try to do their best to save the nature of the world. The book No Speed Limit clarifies many good explanation of how accelerationism works and gets benefits for the nature. Accelerationism is the best identified as “the only way out is the only way through” (2). In order to overcome the obstacle of globalized neoliberal capitalism, people need to push the capitalism into the maximum point where it can be end. For example, if people want to get beyond the political, social and economic systems, first they need…

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