Modern Society In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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The life of an average person consists of waking up at the crack of dawn, commuting to their job, working for hours on end, attending extracurricular events following work, and repeating the cycle over and over and over. At some point, our lives becomes an endless rollercoaster that never seems to stop, with us along for the ride. Time is irreplaceable and irreversible, and before we know it, we are at the end of our days. Society creates an extremely fast pace for those along for the ‘rollercoaster ride.’ In certain moments of our lives, we try to take the quick fix that will help us get through uncomfortable situations in faster time or think far into our future that we can’t concentrate on the present. A fast-paced society creates an atmosphere …show more content…
With the rate of society and how fast things seem to be around us, it is nearly impossible to find true happiness. Achieving happiness is accomplished in different ways for different people but when we are speeding along our life, we cannot see what is around us that could potentially be the answer to our happiness. “Fahrenheit 451” captures the same societal problems of a fast-paced world because of the continuous rush that people are in, for no substantial reason at all. The technology that surrounds the people within the novel as well as us in the world today, aids the pace to become faster and faster. However, there are individuals today that are able to live life at a leisurely pace, which would be frowned upon in Ray Bradbury’s novel but causes people to become envious in our current society. Living life in the fast-lane was considered one of the most important aspects of life in “Fahrenheit 451” and is fortunately not the case today but most are unable to prevent the problem of their fast-paced life. If we continue on this rather insane rate of life, everyone will eventually burn out and will be unable to function both physically and

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