No Of Hegemony, By Cathy Davidson, And Azar Nafisi Essay

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Although Karen Ho, Cathy Davidson, and Azar Nafisi all talk about different societies, the amount of hegemony is directly proportionate to the amount of transgressors. Davidson focuses mainly on the society of children going to school in the United States, Ho speaks for the people who go to Ivy Leagues, and Nafisi 's society is that of the Islamic Republic. While the first two seem more closely related, it is interesting to see how the effects of control being imposed on students at such a young age basically blinds them to what creativity is like. This kind of hegemony basically blinds people by not letting them challenge their oppression. Even though the education system, Wall Street, and the Islamic Republic have different levels in the amount of control they have, there is strong evidence that more control leads to a higher chance of transgression. Therefore, in an oppressive hegemonic society, transgression is necessary to eliminate the limit on people 's creativity and allow them to regain control of their lives. Heavy control is imposed at a young age so it seems normal when people become adults. Taking a look at the standard American school system, there is so much control in every aspect of the classroom. For over a century school has been based on an industrial model that includes bells to tell us when class begins and ends, and strict schedules to follow. Davidon notes that the school system even places a high expectation on “giving premium value to expertise,…

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