No Limits On Freedom By Nicholas Kristof And Sheryl Wudunn Essay

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Tiana Orozco
Section 29
Rough Draft 1
No Limits on Freedom In many developing, and even developed countries, women are not always given the same opportunities to succeed as men. In order for a woman to succeed, she must have the freedom to make her own choices. This way she can do what is beneficial to her and what will allow her to live the life she imagined for herself. In addition, when a woman is given agency, she not only benefits from it, but the economy and later generations do as well. In “The Girl Effect,” Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn discuss how eliminating gender inequalities and empowering women can lead to a boost in economy and a boost of hope and confidence in generations to come. Often, women do not have the resources to prosper, whether that may be freedom, money or education. However, these resources are always given to men, which is why they are able to live their life how they please and become successful. Countries with prevalent gender inequalities limit women’s agency because they do not give women the resources and opportunities to succeed and benefit themselves nor their country. For starters, women are not given the freedom to even educate themselves because the resource of education has been taken away from them. Without education, they have no knowledge on how to move forward or what steps need to be taken in order to succeed. It was explained that “The basic formula was to ease repression, educate girls as well as boys, give the girls the…

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