No Health Care System Is An Island Essay

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In the book " Business @the speed of Thought, Bill Gates discussed many projects which will be available in the twenty first century. The new projects will be the part of our daily life and will have a direct influence on our lives. One of the fields where the new technologies will be efficient is a Medical field. In chapter 19, " No health care system is an island" Bill Gates discuses the future aspects of the medical information system, which will reduce the costs of the medical treatment and improving the health care for the patients, in the short and long term. The Personal Computers in near future would be more powerful and will allow to analyze and process a huge amount of information in high-speed. He gives an example of the independent "Desert Care" application, which helped to analyze and track military non-combat diseases. With the advance technology this application would be connected with other applications which would help to discover the roots of some psychological diseases connected to military service. He pointed out that almost all aspects of medical care will be depending on the use of computers and new applications. The doctors would have better access to information, which would help to choose a better treatment for the patient in a long and short term. Bill Gates mentioned that newly developed independent patient data systems was build on PC platforms, as the result those programs "would be simple to link [together] without expensive systems…

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