No Direct Correlation Between Gun Control And Lower Crime Rates

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Many law abiding citizens that feel threatened are not able to obtain a firearm for protection. Innocent people are dying while criminals are getting away with gun related crimes. There can be many regulations and laws against guns, but if a person wants a gun they will find a way to get one. The thought of criminals having guns in their possession is a scary thought, but would you want to be the one who is unarmed? Research shows there is no direct correlation between gun control and lower crime rates; therefore, denying law abiding citizens access to weapons for protection is unfair because of the Second Amendment rights, and because self defense deters criminals more effectively than law enforcement.
Gun control is one of the ways thought to limit access to guns from criminals, juveniles, and others not capable of safely handling a firearm. According to Krouse, the number of homicides committed annually with a gun by those in the fourteen to twenty-four age bracket increased by 173% from 1985 to 1993. In the fourteen to seventeen age bracket, firearm-related homicides increased by 294% from 1985 to 1993. The Department of Justice reported that 12.7% of students are aware of a student who has brought a firearm to school. If parents had knowledge that students were bringing guns into schools their children attend, they would likely go after the school for not searching children and their bags effectively. Advocates also argue only federal laws can reduce availability of…

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