Examples Of Criminal Justice Trends

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Criminal Justice Trends
Law enforcement is a component of criminal justice which broadly refers to any sort of system that helps the members of a particular community to work in a manner the is believed to be organized thus ensuring that the law is fully enforced through discovering, rehabilitating, punishing and deterring the individuals who violates the law and the norms that governs their society (Champion, 2005).
Law enforcement is commonly concerned with developing the mechanisms that can be used to prevent crimes from occurring and also generating the suitable punishment for the law breakers, other institutions usually exist in order to discourage this crime from occurring and preventing the legislation and regulations of a particular
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The past also included the problem orientated policing. In the community orientated policing, the community elders were given certain responsibilities to ensure that the member of their communities adhered to the rules and laws governing their society. Here, the community elders were responsible for punishing the offenders in their societies (Hess, 2012).
The community elders also acted as watchdogs for the local authority in the different states and they had the obligation of reporting the crimes in their respective communal setting to the authorities for that proper punishment could be administered to the law offenders. The use of problem-oriented policing ensured that long lasting solutions were established for specific challenges that were experienced by the communities (Inciardi, 2010).
In the present trends, many scholars argue that the law enforcement process is considered to be not observable since the career track is being conducted within some specific frame of time. Most of the police procedure that is being conducted in the present tends to deal with the changing dynamic of the existing growing population. The current error is associated with a significant increase in the number of immigrants that is taking place (Champion,
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On the future trends that the police is likely to take, no one is certain about it. May speculations have been developed towards this debate and from the debates; we can conclude that the future of law enforcement will be mainly based on the intelligence policing rather than law enforcement. The key reason for this speculation is that most of the responsible departments do not have adequate resources that are being provided to control patrols as it has been in the past five years and also the present(Champion, 2005).
The future is also predicted to come up with the predictive oriented policing. As used in business planning, this is where the law enforcement agencies will come up with policies and strategies that will help to predict the future occurrences (Inciardi, 2010). This will ensure that the police officers participates in activities that help in preventing crimes rather than waiting to respond to criminal activities that have already occurred. Predictive policing also involves the process of collecting data and analyzing this data so as to be able to determine when a crime will take place and the time in which

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