Nike 's Operations Management : Nike Values The Most And How They Stay Successful

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These ten areas of Nike’s operations management show us what Nike values the most and how they stay successful. They also help show management what areas of the business are slacking and ways of fixing them. This what great management does. They are more focused on the company, investors, and customers rather than what kind of bonus they are going to get in that year. With the constant reminder of Nike’s values and heritage, I believe their managers are able to keep the focus on the customers. Those ten areas give investors an insight as to what Nike values and how they conduct business. These ten areas also teach us five main goals for management to focus on. Number on is to “constantly evaluate how to best achieve your goals.” (Brand I.D.) Companies struggle sometimes with what path of action to take to reach a desired goal. The best way to do this is by brainstorming several different ways and then looking at the pros and cons of each strategy. After this evaluation, it should be easier to decide which path to take and where the company will go after the path is chosen. This is not a quick one-hour process. This can take weeks or months with all of the predictions to be made. Many times these decisions are anticipated so Nike can implement the changes when the time is right. The next takeaway is the culture of the company. Many different nationalities, backgrounds, and views are coming together to work as one. Nike embraces this and uses it to an advantage. Many…

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