Nike 's And Child Labor Essay examples

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There is a Nike sneaker that is sitting on my shelf and I will never wear it again, because Nike company has used child labor to make profit due to the low cost of using child labor; However, these children worker had to do massive job to get a little money to support their family because of poverty. However the wage was nothing compared to what they had done in terms of work. That was really impacted me and changed my understanding to these products. I will never buy a Nike shoe again. Because Nike company is hiring thousands of children workers in my home country. I lived in a childhood that was filled with love and happiness. Because my parents loved me so deeply and they worked so hard to provide me a life that is fairly well-off. Not having to worry about food and shelters. This moderately high standard of living also allowed me to cultivate some hobbies, such as playing violin, reading , and most importantly having the full collection of Nike sneakers. Back to time when I was young, to possess a pair of Nike sneaker is seen as a prestigious thing. Not to mention having the full collection of sneakers. That was a sign of fashion and wealthiness. That was the date I would never forget, on Aug 17th 2010, Nike company has released the new series of sneakers which was called “Air-Force”. I was so excited and deeply attracted by the name, I could not wait to get it. Back to time, it was not that easy to get Nike sneaker since I was not living in a big city. I…

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