Essay about Nightmares And Its Effects On Our Health

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Now, imagine he or she having a dream about a dark shadow constantly attacking them and their body being completely paralyzed while trying to run away, then all of a sudden waking up in fear and not knowing where they are. According to WebMD, nightmares are graphically, realistic, terrifying dream that shakes you awake from a deep sleep. They often set your heart pounding from fear. Nightmares tend to occur most often during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, when most dreaming takes place. Because periods of REM sleep become progressively longer as the night progresses, you may find you experience nightmares most often in the early morning hours (Nightmares in Adults, 1). Often times, humans do not want to fix small issues in our lives that affect our health, such nightmares. Why do people experience nightmares and are they affecting our health? The cause to why people have nightmares could be due to taking medications, not getting enough sleep, or from scary books and movies. In the article, "Nightmares”,written by the American Sleep Association, statistics have shown that nightmares are extremely common, and may affect as many as 80-90% of people at some point in their lives. Nightmares can begin as early as age 3, and are common in young children. They generally lessen as a person grows up, but most adults will also have nightmares on occasion during their lives. They are common in both males and females. Nightmares as a chronic sleeping disorder are much less…

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