Nick Bostrom Case Study

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6. Why does Nick Bostrom believe that the universe may be a virtual simulation? Do you agree or disagree? Substantiate your answer

The famous movie trilogy “The Matrix” describes a human life by a conscious creation of a virtual machine space. And recently, a team of philosophers express that we could really live in a computer-generated universe. Nick Bostrom is one of the philosophers. He believes that our universe may be the value of life computer simulation. He believes that after our highly evolved descendants could built a program to simulate the past, as well as scenes of life of their ancestors. He thinks for a highly developed civilization which is inevitable. If this situation did not happen now, humans may never evolve into advanced
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Due to the tremendous power of the computer, they could run many of simulation programs. Suppose these mock objects are present consciousness, then the vast majority of the existence of consciousness like us who are likely to be some sort of advanced civilization mock objects, rather than their physical ancestors. This is because we are suffering from lacking of knowledge. Bostrom believes that consciousness creating by computer programs can be fully equivalent to consciousness by the human brain activates.

I agree his assumption. I have a feeling that there exists some kind of super-smart pieces. They design and manufacture a super matrix system, and on the platform prepared a set of multi-dimensional virtual space program. It is open to run this program and creating a virtual world. All substances and their interactions with the corresponding relations are written in advance by the program. So we have no freedom of thought, our consciousness is restricted within a certain range. This can explain the reason of our limited knowledge. The program is a rigorous system to seamlessly
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Consciousness is the neural phenomenon of life. When life was born, life is with the consciousness. It is a sense of self and external sensory integration. The foundation is an individual with a sense of their own body awareness which is self-reflective awareness, recognized own approved know ability to exercise own recognition of the comprehensive ability. Because human consciousness arises function of the nervous system, it explains everything like source and existence of consciousness. So no matter whether can we perceived consciousness itself, awareness is present in the never

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