Nfl Domestic Abuse Essay examples

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The area of interest I chose was domestic violence/abuse from an show titled: An NFL Wife Tell Her Story: Intimidated Spouses Followed “Code of Silence” Around Domestic Abuse. This topic is common among the players in the National Football League (NFL). The date this show was posted is Tuesday, September 16, 2014. The key presenter(s) that discussed the topic were as followed: Amy Goodman (Journalist and columnist for radio show Democracy Now!) and Dewan Smith-Williams (Wife of retired NFL Player Wally Williams; Intimated spouse around domestic abuse).
A briefing of the show, Mrs. Williams, is currently married to retired NFL player Wally Williams and has dealt with domestic abuse. In their relationship in the past, she
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Seeking help over the decades from the NFL and being hushed was a major social concern from Mrs. Williams but also other spouses and/or partners.
After viewing the show a few times the presenter doesn’t state a system (theory) directly that is being used. Doing a further research from the web and texted book I chose the resource theory under the social theories of family violence. The resource theory suggests a relationship between wealth and violence. In the NFL it’s all about being a super star and having the light on them during the games. For example, men with high income, super star mentality, fame, social standing have access to wide variety of resources with which are used to control their wives behavior. The drug and alcohol abuse along with the use of marijuana, stress, and super star mentality added to Mr. Williams becoming uncontrollable and acting out violently. The validity the presenter Mrs. Williams has is she was victim of domestic abuse while in the relationship with the retired NFL player Wally Williams and was ignored when sought help from the NFL.
This radio show with Mrs. Dewan-Smith Williams was very interesting. In my opinion, domestic abuse in the NFL is over looked. After reading this show, I took it upon myself to read some of the other cases related to domestic abuse she mention especially the concerning Ray Rice a former NFL player. The actions taken on

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