Newspaper Advertising : Advertising And The Highest Level Of Engagement

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In 2013, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) released their findings from a landmark study conducted by Nielsen that compared the ability of various media channels, including social media, television, and radio to connect with audiences. The study looked at how effective each media channel was at engaging consumers and compared each medium’s ability to specifically engage consumers with advertised messaging.

The study’s findings shocked some advertisers, however not those who have been effectively using newspaper ads for years as a way to get their offer in front of their target demographic. Caroline Little, NAA president and CEO, had this to say about the study, “This first-of-its-kind national study by Nielsen clearly demonstrates that newspaper print ads get noticed more than all other media and drive the highest purchase intent. And, newspaper media also demonstrated the highest level of engagement.”

The moral of this study is, newspaper advertising has a place in everyone’s marketing mix. Having said this, unless you work with a good media buyer, you may not always get the best price or the biggest bang for your buck when placing your ads.

But first…

The Myth about Hiring a Media Buyer

What we hear most often from our new clients is, “Gee, I thought it would cost us more to use someone like you.” This thought of saving money is what keeps most business owners from using a media buyer and going it alone. But inevitably, going it alone can cost you greatly…

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