Essay on News Media 's Ethics Of Journalism

1036 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
News media provide information for the public, even if the information is unreliable. The news media has changed in many ways. Information is being spread further and has been made easier to access. Reporters are now reporting more news and at a faster rate. However, the ethics of journalism has not changed. The public expects news reporters to follow those ethics, so they can deliver honest and truthful news to the public. Even so, some news outlets still lied and reported biased news to the public. Many news stations have gotten themselves involved with political groups, which can affect the information that they spread to their audience. Fox News is an example of a news station that fails to uphold the ethics of journalism. Reporters of this news station have argued with a one-sided mindset, showed favoritism in their broadcasts, and used the news system to spread lies for fame. Many news sources have researched and illustrated how Fox News have broken its ethical codes of journalism; creating doubts about the reliability of Fox News. Beside Fox News, many other news outlets have failed to uphold the purpose of being a news media outlet when they allowed biased news and lies to be spread from their network. Many people have many different views on the purpose of news media, but those views require news media to follow the ethics of journalism. Some people see the media as a provider of entertainment, while others project news media as a source to collect…

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