Essay on Newgen Case

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Issues at NEWGEN
In this case study, a manager named Abdul has to deal with one of his subordinate named Hahn Chen who problem working along with another colleague has named Amie Lee. Chen wishes to be transfer and report directly to Abdul instead of Ms. Lee because Ms. Lee is not a technical supervisor. This is typical problem between employees that happens often in a working environment. A problem like this often helps demonstrate conflict managing and how good a manager is. The problem Abdul face covers many areas of organizational behavior such as conflict and negotiation, organizational change and stress management, communication, personality and values.
One of theories that are covered in this case is resistance of change.
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This problem was largely created dues to Hahn Chen communication skill is not efficient enough to talk to non technical person like Ms. Lee. Abdul, as Hahn Chen’s supervisor, he should have seen this and help Chen develop a skill set in communicate with other people. As described, Hahn Chen is not a team player and he does not participate in any team event because he feels that it distracts him. Abdul is a respectable manager and Hahn Chen likes to work under him. So Abdul should be able to persuade Chen into participate in team event in order to promote the relationship between Chen and his colleagues, not to mention it would also helps Chen in becoming a team player. How fast production can be made in a company is relative to the relationship between workers. If the workers are all familiars with each other, they will help speed up production because the workers have established some forms of connections that help them understand each other well. This reduces a lot of miscommunication between employees and thus raising production among them. Given the state of this problem, I think it is very unlikely that both Chen and Ms. Lee can be able to work along each other and have Chen report to Ms. Lee. If Abdul continue to force this situation among them two could result in either one of them

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